How to Use Tights to Have a Perfect Hen Night's Outfit

Hen Night is the perfect occasion to dress up all elegant and stylish in a very eye-catching, glitzy and even daring manner. Now, preparing for this grandest party night of the year might not be as easy as one might think. There are tons of available fashion options available out there and choosing the best one for the best night of the year can be a bit overwhelming.

Who can blame you from being in this dilemma of fulfilling your duty of looking like the most gorgeous cutie for this most glamorous celebration of the year? Let us help you overcome this dilemma by presenting you with wonderful tips on how you can use tights for that perfect Hen Night's outfit, dress your best – and party all night long with friends, family or loved ones.

1. Skin and Tights

First on the list is to show a little bit of skin with your tights. You can go for really short skirts or be a little bit more conservative with a knee-length skirt. Your dress can have a scoop neck that exposes your collarbone or go for something more flirtatious and daring like a crisscross strap neckline. Show your sexier side with a one-shoulder dress or really go daring with a backless dress that show some really tempting portions of skin.

Wrap your legs up and at the same time keep them warm from the chill of the night but still show some skin (or the semblance of it) with the flesh-tone and non-patterned makeup of delicate designer nude tights. You can also go for a sexier nude-on-nude diamond patterned tights or the poppy nude tights that can totally hug each leg as a perfect alternative for plain nude tights. Tights like these are sheer and silky enough to look like real skin – looking truly sexy and elegant whatever occasion it may be.

2. Tights, Glitz and Glamour

Sparkles, glitter, glitz and glamour… all elements one would expect from Hen Night – the same ones you should have for your perfect party dress for this wondrous night. Wear an elegant dress with sparkling gold threads or a well-fitting shimmering sequined top for that classic and very glamorous look. Rhinestones and acrylic beads that look like little bits of diamonds that sparkle and shimmer can be part of your attire that will truly look glitzy in any event.

You can also go for luscious velvet which you can accessories with costume jewelry made from glitzy diamond bling, colored gemstones or other flashy jewelry that will truly make your outfit sparkle and shimmer. Complement all these with elegant bold diamond patterned microfiber tights or delicate spider web floral vine patterned microfiber tights that will truly make your outfit awesome and elegant to greet the coming year.

3. Tunic and Tights

While many women opt for the glitzy and glittery for Hen Night, some would still go for a glamorous and yet simple look with neutral hues and less stressful styles like tunic and tights. A pale cream or pink tunic pulled over opaque black tights can give that classy and glamorous look you’d love for this special day. If you want more flair, you can go for floral black patterned microfiber tights or the floral blossom foliage patterned microfiber tights that will still match any colored tunic of your choosing.

4. Textures, Prints and Tights

Textured and printed tops and dress will work together with an appropriately colored or patterned tights to give you a fun outfit that’s perfect for your Hen Night's party with friends and family. You can choose prints of standard and classy patterns, or you can go for custom prints of your preferred design that will blend well with whatever style of clothing you choose. You can get a lot of texture from a beautiful leather dress or go for an elegantly-designed printed blazer to wear with striped patterned microfiber tights for a not-so-boring attire with an extra oomph that will definitely wow all party guests.

5. Ultra-Chic Tights

Get noticed with your ultra-chic tights that you can wear as your Hen Night's party dress. Why go for a basic look with plain colors and designs when you can go for bright-colored tights in chic green, fuchsia or red? Tights like these will truly attract attention, bringing fun and excitement over otherwise mundane clothing designs that’s really not appropriate for this type of party. If you don’t want to play with colors like that, you can go for microfiber tights patterned with striped animal prints or snowflake patterns that will truly put everyone in awe of your perfect outfit for this perfect night.

6. Tights and Mini-Dresses

An outfit perfect for summer is the mini-dress. With a little add-on like black accessories and perfectly matching tights, you can turn the mini-dress into a perfect Hen Night's outfit. Choose a mini-dress with shiny gold patterns worn over sheer black tights with delicate floral and ivy designs that provide a truly sexy look from your ankles to thighs. You can also go for mini-dresses with plain colors and minimal patterns then accessorize with bling and jewelry as you wear it over elegant scaled acorn patterned microfiber tights.

7. Tights, Sexy and Skinny

If you still have a hard time choosing what to wear, then go for dresses worn over tights that can really make you look sexy and skinny. You’d never go wrong with sexy and skinny tights and dresses. You can go for a silky top and a midi skirt worn over jagged check, houndstooth patterned microfiber tights. Or you can opt for sequined dresses or tops with metallic design worn over a more formal non-patterned black footless microfiber tights. Complement them all with sleek super high-heels and sexy accessories and jewelry.

8. Tights in Black

Many people won’t go for too much color or metallic elements with their outfits and would simply go for an elegant black. They find such design elements too flashy for their tastes. Whether you go for a fully opaque design or intricate patterns in various hues of this very basic color will always be stylish and elegant whatever event there is and would definitely look awesome.

One thing with black is that you can have a lot of options to choose from that will fit perfectly well with whatever style you prefer. You can go for an elegant printed coat and skirt worn over a delicate non-patterned designer black tights, or opt for a belted black and white coat worn with riding boots and needle spikes patterned microfiber black tights that will truly amaze anyone in your Hen Night's party.

9. Polka Dots

There are many unique and strange traditions all over the world to celebrate. One tradition that you can adopt for a cute and unique dress are polka dot tights. Wearing a pair with colorful dresses and tops will give you that eye-catching look that will definitely spell so much fun this greatest of nights.

Whatever your preferences in designs and colors are, there surely is a design that will flatter your figure and make you look your best. So, if you really want to dress your best for Hen Night then dazzle everyone on the dance floor , choose from any of these party tights options that you can wear for your special night outfit.

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