6 Fun Ways to Choose the Perfect Tights

No other wardrobe accessory can dress your leg up and enhance its natural shapely glory in a very stylish way than the perfect tights. They are chic and elegant, practical and yet very versatile to wear for almost any occasion, hugging and keeping your legs warmed up in a fashionable way that enhances your shape and figure.

Yet, many ladies include tights in their wardrobe only as an afterthought, without ever really thinking if the choices they made would actually look best on them or are actually complementing their overall attire. The following provides you with practical and yet very fun ways to choose the perfect tights for the perfect you.

  1. Choose the Perfect Color

Aside from their aesthetic value, colors are chosen according to how they enhance certain bodily attributes when applied to clothes. The same rule applies to tights: dark for thinner legs and light for thicker-looking legs. You can opt for heavily opaque non-patterned tights or go for ultra-sheen tights with printed patterns. Whatever you choose, select one that will enhance and flatter your shape and figure. Other tips include:

  • Choosing the right shade that will match the color and tone of your skin. Non-patterned microfiber tights like the delicate designer nude tights has a certain shade that will work best with a particular skin tone. So, choose one that will match perfectly with yours.
  • If you have a hard time deciding which color of tights to choose for a particular dress or a specific occasion, then go for a black pair. You can never go wrong with black patterned tights as they can match and work well with any wardrobe for almost any occasion.
  • You can spice up your attire by mixing and matching different colors, shades and textures for your tights. A dull black or pale dress will look ultra-chic by wearing it over a fuchsia, green, or red tights, while a brown outfit will be greatly enhanced with a yellow or orange pair. Just remember to avoid neon colors if you have thicker legs. You don’t want to attract attention and have people staring at your legs, don’t you?
  • Like clothes, colored patterns on tights create certain optical illusions that can further enhance your shapely attributes. Vertical lines and patterns make your legs appear slimmer and longer, while tights with horizontal striped patterns should never be worn by ladies with thick and short legs.
  1. Choose the Perfect Size and Sheerness

The sheerness of tights is defined by how low its denier is. Denier, or the term DEN as it is usually used, determines how sheer a particular tight is. The lower the number, which is indicates the density and thickness of the fibers used for the tights, the higher its sheerness will be. Here’s a guide for selecting the perfect Den that will work best with what you need:

  • Ultra Sheer – 5 to 8 Denier. Tights like these are so sheer they look like real skin. These bold and beautiful low denier tights are stylish and very comfortable and are great for covering imperfections. These are the least hard-wearing however because of the lesser fiber density that tends to get damaged easier.
  • Sheer – 10 to 15 Denier. Provides sheer covering for legs and is great for keeping them warm during special occasions.
  • Semi-Sheer – 20 Denier. Provides more durable semi-sheer covering for legs and is great for many occasions.
  • Semi-Opaque – 30 to 40 Denier. Translucent covering for your legs that is great for any occasion.
  • Opaque – 50+ Denier. Provides full and warmer coverage for the legs that is perfect during colder seasons.

Size is also a very important aspect when choosing the perfect size. It is impractical to select sizes lower than your exact dimensions as you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable. With a perfect size selection, you get to wear tights that are not only very comfortable, but will also provide you with an overall pleasant experience during any occasion.

  1. Choose the Perfect Style

There are various styles that you can choose from when trying to select the perfect collections of tights. These are categorized on how the tights are configured when they are manufactured. The key here is to select a style that will give you utmost comfort and at the same time will look great on you for whatever occasion or activity you are planning to use your tights on. Some of these styles include:

  • Sheer to Waist – This has a sheer area from the top down to the waistband area and does not have any panty or control top
  • Control Top – Usually includes a panty area that has a higher denier level that facilitates better compression and support as well as provide a good shaping effect for the torso, hips and thigh area
  • Brief Panty – The brief panty area is non-sheer and is composed of higher denier materials but has no control top
  • Seamless – The panty area has no gusset and is thus seam-free. They can be sheer or opaque and are usually more expensive than other styles
  1. Choose the Perfect Look

Aside from comfort and style, choosing the perfect tights should depend on how it will eventually look on your leg, on how it will make you look your best. This will rely on the surface finish of the product you selected, from a natural-look finish that makes it appear that you’re not wearing anything on your legs, to a patterned matte finish that will open you to new doors of style and comfort perfect for any occasion.

  • Bare Leg Finish – These ultra sheer tights gives a full coverage, natural look on your legs that makes it appear “nude” or bare legged. The key here is the special microfiber fabric used that is made of very fine but durable denier strands
  • Sheen Finish – Also made from ultra sheer material but has a wet and moisturized look that can give your legs that sheen healthy glow. These are usually available in various shades and skin tone to make you look like the perfect you
  • Matte Finish – Provides a matte look on your legs that is available in various shades and skin tone that allows you to select the perfect combination that will match your choice of wardrobe for a particular occasion
  • Patterned Finish – From stripes to floral patterns and everything in between, you can select from a wide variety of very trendy and bold patterned tights that is available in various shades, skin tone and patterned designs that you can select for any occasion.
  1. Choose the Perfect Material

From ultra sheer tights to fashionably trendy and bold patterned tights, you can choose the perfect tights based on the materials used to manufacture them. The basic material used is polyamide, but there are now high-quality variations of this base material that will work best on the perfect tights of your choosing.

  • Microfiber – This is a high-quality material that is very popular with tights for their durability, resistance against snagging, flexibility and sheer finish. From translucent to opaque, microfiber tights are great for any activity or occasion and can be configured for Capri, ankle length and toe length tights
  • Nylon – This is the perfect material to use with brightly colored tights including those sporting neon and fluorescent varieties. The material is soft and comfortable and is perfect for trendy occasions where you’ll need outfits of dazzling and radiant colors
  • Lycra – Made from rubber materials, lycra is great for flexibility and is perfect for use in vibrant activities without worrying if the material will stretch out, sag or deform
  • Lurex – Produced from synthetic film where metallic elements are layered to give it a glittery and metallic appearance that is perfect for tights used on festive and dazzling occasions where you want to sparkle and shine.
  1. Choose the Perfect Combination

Lastly, the key to choosing the perfect tights is to choose one that will combine well with the rest of your wardrobe choices. There are several combinations for you to choose from, some of which will be discussed here, but what really matters is to select the perfect combination that will ultimately make you look your best on any occasion or activity.

  • Bold and Plain – Pairing a boldly designed dress or top with a non-patterned tights is a good combination without going overboard on the looks. In a similar manner, patterned tights with flourish or any other intricate designs will look best if paired with a plain dress or tunic
  • Complementary – Just like bold and plain, the key to a perfect combination is to pair tights that will complement or provide a nice contrast to your dress. You can pair dark on dark or pale on pale, or switch the other with a contrasting hue that will look awesome in any occasion
  • Classic – Formal occasions call for nude or non-patterned tights that will still provide you with high levels of class, style and elegance to complement your choice of wardrobe for the occasion
  • Daring – Some events like semi-formal parties and other casual activities are great for showing off with daring choices for tights like floral patterns or even zebra stripes that will look awesome with any tops you choose

Tights provide the modern woman with extreme flexibility on the style, elegance and comfort that they can select from a myriad choices and collections of designs, materials and combinations that will work best for what they need. Again, choosing the perfect tights goes beyond merely choosing among certain attributes and elements like materials and style. The key here is to choose combinations that will look great on your, that will make you look your best – that’s the perfect tights.

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