10 Tights Do’s and Don’ts for your #OOTD

Wearing tights is totally a must-have for us women for our day-to-day adventure. It adds to our collection of “fashion flavours” and makes us distinct from the ocean of gorgeous ladies out there. A pair of tights covers the feet, legs, hips, and buttocks. It enhances woman’s figure visually. Usually, the legs become slimmer when wearing tights and certain colours can also enhance this effect.   By wearing tights as part of your #OOTD (out-fit-of-the-day), you can choose to look sexy, bold, classic or even refined.

Gone are the days when famous statesmen and leaders used to wear tights made of silk and when these were only used as riding gears. Today, tights are a symbol of celebration of women empowerment, liberty, and femininity.

And since these are now part of daily women’s wear, we have now thousands of options on what tights to wear depending on our taste, occasion, and season. This gives us a hard time in picking the right tights for our #OOTD. And of course, we’re here to help you out :) Below are some tips that will definitely help you in what, when, and where to wear the right tight:

1. DO Know Your Tights

Aside from wearing tights as part of your outfit or just a fashion accessory, women should understand first the various types and benefits of it. You can choose below which tights fit for summer or winter and which one suits for a party.

  • Fishnet Tights - Fishnet tights look good if you want to look sexy and playful or have a retro twist in your #OOTD. This one is a great option if you are attending parties.
  • Brightly Coloured Tights - If you want to highlight your clothes, wearing brightly coloured tights is a great choice. These can also be worn for casual to formal occasion and even for warm and cold days. If you want to wear something playful, try pink or red tights and wear sneakers.
  • Sheer Tights - These are the most commonly used tights with a range of 10-20 denier (unit of weight that determines thickness and fineness of tights). Wearing matte sheer tights is a great pick if you want to look fresh in summer. On the other hand, shiny sheer tights will make you look fashionable if you are attending any type of celebration.
  • Opaque Tights - If it’s early spring or late autumn, flaunting your opaque tight is a great way to be comfortable and fashionable. It will help you in keeping your legs warm since opaque tights are in the range of 41-69 denier.
  • Suspender Tights - Suspender tights will never fail you whatever season you are in. Aside from keeping you comfortable, suspender tights are ideal if you want to look sexy and classy. It will make your legs look amazing and slim; plus it can be easily paired with any shoes.
  • Wet Look Tights - If one day you decide to wear high heels and short shorts, why not pair it with wet look tights? It’s an awesome combination! It appears wet because it’s shiny but this kind of tights is surely comfortable.
  • Footless Tights - Footless tights are really ideal as accessory for your daytime outfit. It can also be your warmer during cold season. This style can also be worn with a twist like dressing up with shorts for a modern look. If you’re a career woman, be confident with neutral-coloured footless tights with your business suits and high-heel shoes. Check out some fashion models during fashion shows and some celebrities because you’ll see that footless tights are commonly part of their style.

2. Do Own a Pair of Black Tights

Whatever your favourite colour is, don’t forget to keep a pair of black tights. It can easily be paired with any skirt, dress or short especially with darker clothing. If you think your legs are big, then black tights will make it look slimmer.

3. Do Experiment With Colours

Yes, black is the most commonly used colour of tights. However, it’s still a good idea to try something new by combining coloured tights with your OOTD. You can wear lively colours like orange, blue and pink but be sure you’re pairing it with darker clothing. You can reveal your attitude too like being sassy and flirty with these vibrant colours.

4. Do Know Your Shape and Size

When buying tights, find something that will fit your size. Isn’t it crazy to buy something that is too loose or too tight to your waistline, hips and legs? Well, “bit” bigger tights are better than those too fit since it will only distort the colour, design and opaqueness when you wear it.

5. Do Wear Fabulous Shoes and Boots

Whatever tights you wear, don’t forget to pair it with some nice shoes and boots. You may have the most beautiful and expensive tights but it won’t work if you fail to pair it with cool footwear. Just be a little careful in pairing and make sure it fits the occasion.  

6. Don’t be “Too Loud” in Wearing Prints

It is a general rule that when you wear something in print, make sure that the other clothes are plain. You’ll just look dull if you push all printed clothes and tights in one #OOTD. So if you’re planning to show off your printed tights, make sure that you combined it with plain dress, skirt and short.

7. Don’t Wear Tights That are Low-Quality

Low quality tights have the tendency to be easily sheered and that will only make it look like a see-through tight. This kind of scenario will just ruin your look. Quality tights are made with higher thread count that will surely last. So choose quality and don’t go for cheap and low quality.

8. Don’t Wear Torn or Damaged Tights

It’s really a big NO to wear tights with damage, scratch or run. Though it may be small or can be covered by your short or skirt, you’re still not sure what will happen while wearing it. What if the scratch or run spread quickly to the other ends of your tights? That moment would be one of the worst, if not the worst, situation that you will ever be in. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

9. Don’t Wear Colour Nude Tights

If you don’t want to be mistaken as a nude woman walking down the road (especially if it’s a sunny day), never wear nude or skin tone-coloured tights and pair it with a too short outfit. Tights are not stockings. Tights are thick and meant to be visible.

10. Don’t Wear Tights as Leggings or Jeans

Do not confuse tights with leggings or pants. Though some tights are thick (especially those that are meant for cold weather), still, the two are not alike. Leggings have no feet and meant to be worn under large sweaters while tights are considered accessories under dress, skirt and short.

Wearing tights is a great way to add texture and interest to your outfit. Isn’t it amazing how a simple pair of garment called tights can make you feel sexy, bolder and formal? It can be women’s ultimate weapon too in pulling up a new trendy style!

With a little creativity and careful styling, you will surely have your best #OOTD no matter what season it you’re in. And of course, by reading and considering the 10 guidelines mentioned above, you will never fail in bringing the best fashion statement while wearing your tights.

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