The Brief History of Tights (Infographic)

Women primarily wear tights nowadays to be comfortable and to look more fashionable. They may be the major beneficiary of this garment but believe it or not, a lot of men did significant role in transforming tights as we know it today.

Tights’ history can be traced many centuries ago. Men who were tagged as powerful and famous leaders used stretchable tights made of silk as a sign of nobility; while tights made of coarser fabric were used by those in lower class of society. These were made in colours of black and white only.

Famous statesmen in history like Napoleon Bonaparte wore this kind of garment as an emblem of their success, power and pride. This can be proven in their existing portraits.

History shows that tights were originally designed, invented and appreciated by men. But how and why did it happen to be a favourite women garment in this modern era is the question that we will unfold in this infographic.

Below are the important highlights in the timeline of tights’ history until it has been appreciated by women today.

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