How to Pick the Best Tights for your Body Shape

Not all bodies are created the same. That’s a truth that many ladies seem to forget when they choose a wardrobe that fail to flatter the specific body shape they have. The secret to wearing the perfect clothes for your body shape is to know your exact proportions and know how to use specific clothing that will enhance the best features your body has.

Among these types of clothing that enhances body shape are tights. When worn properly, tights can enhance your body and make it appear like the size and shape you’ve always wanted. On top of that, tights are relatively inexpensive and yet they can be very flexible in providing you with the style you want that’s perfect for your body. Even the stars are wearing them, just like Jessica Alba’s technique of lengthening her legs by simply wearing tights with matching colors as her shoes.

But before you go on a shopping spree for tights, you must first learn to identify your body shape. There are basically six common body shapes and the following images and description courtesy of Weight Loss Resources can show you how you can pick the best tights that matches your body shape.

  1. A-Frame / Pear-Shaped


This shape is characterized by a body that is wider on the bottom because of significantly larger hips than her bust. Approximately 20% of women have this kind of body shape and the key to balancing out this type of frame is to make their hips and their butts look or appear slimmer and enhance their existing curves. Kim Kardashian knows how to do it by wearing fashionable ankle-length tights paired with a cardigan jacket or a long tunic.

You can achieve a good balance between your top and bottom by wearing blouses and shirts with pads to make your shoulders appear fuller. It would be better if your tops are brightly colored so attention goes upwards. Wear sleek tights with prints, preferably those with vertical stripes or lines, as these will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. Don’t choose tights with horizontal lines or stripes as these will make your legs and hips appear bigger. Avoid wearing bulky, textured tights as this will create the same bulkier effect.

  1. Oval Frame / Apple Shaped


Shaped just like an apple, this top-heavy body has a bust that is at least 3 inches bigger that their hips. With approximately 14% of women having this body shape, there is a tendency that the middle portion will go bigger resulting in a more oval-shaped body that makes other parts of the body appear a bit out of proportion. If you have this body shape, your focus in balancing your looks is to draw attention away from your middle portion and emphasize your legs, butts, bust and neck.

An instant tummy tuck is what you need to hide that bulging middle and you can get away with this by wearing body stockings and control-top tights. You can play with elegant prints and textures to draw attention to your tights or you can make your legs appear longer by going for simple designed but fashionable tights with vertical lines and seams.  

  1. V-Frame / Cone Shaped


Large bust and wide shoulders but with relatively slim legs and hips characterize these v-frame or cone shaped body types. To achieve balance, you need to of course draw attention away from the shoulders and bust by wearing simple designs for your tops sans the flourish and flare. Attention should go to your hip and legs area and it would be a great idea to wear fashionable printed tights that will definitely catch the eye of anyone in the room as you walk by.

Wear tights with an eye-catching but still elegant color like trendy and bold brown tights that come in various designs and textures. This will create a visual balance as attention is drawn to the body’s lower part. The louder and more extravagant the designs and colors are, the more effective they can be in drawing attention and balance out your look.

  1. 8-Frame / Hourglass Shaped


With only 8% of women having this type of body shape, everyone else covet having such a classic hourglass figure that is characterized by perfectly placed curves that flatter the body. With such a body, the key to maintaining good looks is to wear clothing that enhances those curves instead of suppressing or flattening them.

Choose blouses and shirts that taper all the way down into your waist area. Emphasize your legs and hips by wearing perfectly designed fashion tights that will definitely enhance your curves. While plain colors appear sexy still, you can go for the more appealing patterned or textured tights that is both flattering and visually appealing.

  1. H-Frame / Athletic Body Shaped


The athletic body style is characterized by an H-frame with broadly defined waists and shoulders. Maintaining balance with this body type is to make the waist appear slimmer to make the rest appear more in proportion overall. Fitted dresses that do not highlight the shoulders is good and balance this out with good control-top tights that will tone your waistline down but enhances the shape of your legs. It would best to wear thick, patterned tights to create the illusion of curves for a more curvaceous overall look.

  1. Ruler / Straight Body


A greater 46% of women have a straight or rectangular body frame. The key to balancing such a frame and add more curves to an otherwise cylindrical body is to tuck down on your waist line and exaggerate the curves of everywhere else. Wear feminine colors then draw attention to your waists with nice belts worn over an elegant pair of sleek textured tights that will accentuate all your curves from the waist down. Tights can also elongate the leg area and make them appear longer than they actually are, flattering your overall looks even more.

It is also important to note that there is really no one size fits all wardrobe. Size and fitting is not the issue here are many who go for certain clothing simply because they fit and at the correct size. Fit does not mean great looking, particularly if you’re in a body shape that a particularly piece of clothing will balance out which, as mentioned earlier, is the key to appearing like the best of what you can be.

Whatever body shape you are in, there is always a perfect set of clothing that’s waiting for you to enhance your looks and curves. Tights offer a practical and effective way of enhancing your looks and help balance out most problem areas to make them appear in right proportions in comparison with other parts of the body.

So, before you buy your next set of tights, make sure that you are aware of your body shape so you can decide and match your clothes that will enhance your looks, balance out and draw attention away from problem areas, and draw focus on your best features and bodily assets.

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