Use Tights to Improve Your Valentine’s Day Outfit


Are you ready enough for your Valentine’s Day celebration? Whether you love or hate that February 14 is fast approaching, you cannot reject the fact that you have to be ready now. So while Cupid is still busy with his preparation for this love month, why not prepare yourself too to look even better?

One of the most difficult things for this special occasion (especially for lovers) is the outfit preparation. Every women love to be at their best to keep their partner under their spells especially in a romantic date. Since you still have time to prepare, you might want to consider some of our tips in making your outfit this Valentine’s Day more attractive. Yes, wearing tights are commonly used by women who love to look sexier and elegant. But the question here is, how will you know if the pair of tights fit your personality and your overall outfit?

Below are the tips on how to use your tights to improve your Valentine’s Day outfit:

  • Be More Elegant and Classy

For a formal event this Valentine’s day, you can’t be too lax with your preparation. Of course you have to be not just good, but one of the best. Wearing fishnet tights, patterned tights and even just the plain one will help you to achieve and elegant and classy look. Fishnets are perfect in adding an awesome effect in your legs without going overboard. Black fishnet tights can be paired with any kind of dress and blazer. It can also work with pumps or high heeled shoes and boots.

  • Be Funky and Playful

Since Valentine’s Day is not just meant to be celebrated in classy restaurant and hotels, you must prepare a casual outfit too. Sometimes, Valentine’s Day are celebrated in gardens, parks and even ordinary restaurants. So instead of wearing the classy style, make your outfit funky and playful by wearing colourful tights. If you love to wear pastel colours or white dress, wear a pair of patterned tights. But if you love polka dots more, choose a pair of coloured tights like red and pink. Well, pink and red are commonly used during this season so it’s a great choice to pair it with your casual dress.

  • Let your Legs Look Perfect

Wearing tights is a great help to all women who are conscious about their legs. You don’t have to worry about having big legs because tights (particularly opaque black tights) will help you to have instant slimmer legs. This pair of tights will make your legs appear longer which is perfect for your skirt, shorts and dress. Tights also smooth out your bumps and lumps like a great shapewear.

Meanwhile if you think your legs are thin, wear a pair of dotted tights. Bigger dots work with thin legs because it can enlarge them. Remember the smaller the print, the larger the legs it become.

  • Try to Look Edgy

Black dress or skirt paired with white coat is a great choice if you want to have an edgy look this Valentine’s Day. Just don’t forget to wear your black tights and pointed-toe pumps. If you chose to wear something fit, pair it with flower patterned tights. Add your red or pink pouch to maintain that Valentine colour in your outfit.

You can also achieve a fresh look by wearing a pair of coloured tights. Coloured tights like yellow, pink and red can turn all black look into an edgy and fresh outfit. Just make sure that the colours complement your dress, shoes and accessories.

  • Be Young and Fresh

For a casual event or date this Valentine’s day, wear something carefree and youthful. To look and feel young on this special occasion, wear your skirt and blouse and pair it with your pumps or high heeled shoes. Don’t forget your flower patterned tights to highlight your legs.

If you chose to wear a brown dress or brown knee-length boots, consider wearing a pair of olive-green and berry coloured tights. Match it with a low ankle boot and you’ll surely have this youthful look that fits to an active event this Valentine’s Day.

  • Be Preppy and Conservative

If you have a date in a high class restaurant, you should dress something that is conservative and preppy. And to achieve this kind of look, please don’t wear red from “head to toe” just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead, wear a combination of black and white and just add accessories that are red or pink. Matching plain black blouse and printed short skirt is a great option too. Don’t forget to wear your black tights, your shoes and an elegant pouch.

You will never fail too if you will match black tights with red, brown or white dress. Wearing dotted black tights is a great choice too as long as it compliments your style and taste.

  • Be Subtly Sexy

Looking sexy and decent without being trying this Valentine’s Day is not that easy. One way of having this great look especially for an intimate date is to be familiar with sheer layering. The perfect example is wearing sheer tights with pastel coloured dress.

You may also try to wear a pair of suspender tights for a sexy styling. Match it with your sexy black or white dress with your cool pumps or peep-toe booties. You may also add black blazer in case you don’t want to be too exposed in a cold venue. ☺

Valentine’s Day preparation requires effort, additional advice (through reading) and creativity. Just add your own style since we’ve presented most of the important guidelines to consider in styling yourself for this special day. ☺ And oh, here’s another tip for you: whatever the look you prefer for your date this February 14, make sure it fits the venue and the event’s theme.

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