How to Choose the Best Tights Colour

You may come to a point when you will find black tights as ordinary or too safe so you want to pull off something different. There are times that you want to try neutral or even brightly coloured tights to achieve a cool and new outfit. As long as you know how to match colours and style, you will surely stand out.

But how will you know if you’ll look fab and not drab with your tights? You would never want to be laughingstock to other ladies, would you? Choosing the best tights is never easy because of many colour choices aside from other things you need to consider. So before buying a new pair of tights better read first our tips on how to choose the best tights colour.

1. Know Your Skin Tone

It’s challenging to find the right shade of tights if you’re not familiar with your skin tone. Your skin colour has a lot to do in choosing tights since it will be the basis of what colour to wear. Remember, different skin tones are complemented with different colours. For example, if you have darker skin tone, wear tights with darker shade to achieve a balance look. White and grey tights are great pick too because these don’t make you appear too loud.

Meanwhile if you have pale skin, wearing bright coloured tights like pink and red is a big no because it will only make you look paler.

2. Know Your Body Type

Never set aside your body and legs shape in choosing what colour of tights to wear. Well, women with long and slender legs may not face huge problems in choosing their tights because aside from the black and brown tights, you can wear brighter colours too. Tights with bright colours like red, yellow and orange will help you draw attention and accentuate the length of your legs. Wearing thick gray tights is also a great pick because it can add a little bulk to your legs.

For women with curvy big legs and have wider bottom, choose dark coloured tights like black and dark blue to make your legs appear slimmer. Avoid wearing brightly coloured tights (especially with patterns) because it may stretch on curvy areas that will only make your legs look larger.

3. Know Your Personality

Your fashion style is who you are. Let your attitude show by wearing tights that reflect the real you. If you’re that person who’s quirky and fun, you can try brightly coloured tights like red, pink, blue, orange and yellow. Just make sure you’ll pair it with dark coloured dress/skirts so your outfit will be balanced. Meanwhile, you can be sexy and bold with brown, black (especially patterned tights), and tights with pastel colour. These colours are helpful in exuding your feminine side.

Coloured tights may look intimidating at first but when you properly pair it with your dress and accessories, you will surely look amazing. Whether you want to look preppy, sexy and chic, casual, formal or festive, just make sure you’re comfortable with it and it’s really your taste.

4. Matching Colours

The most challenging part in achieving a perfect outfit is matching colours. It requires skills and taste to match coloured tights with your whole outfit and accessories. You don’t want to look like a delicious candy in an all-bright outfit while you can be drab with your all-boring colour outfit. It’s given that black tights can be paired with any colour, but how about other tights?

Pair your brightly coloured-tights (red, violet, blue and yellow) with your neutral coloured dress. You can also match it with striped and dotted dresses. These colours are also perfect for pastel floral and chequered dress/top. Meanwhile, you should also remember that once you wear dress/top with attractive colours; tone it down with monochromatic tights like white, brown, nude and black.

5. Consider the Weather/Season

Seasons are changing and should be considered all the time in wearing tights. No big worries during winter because you can wear any colour of tights as long as you remember pairing your clothes with the right tight colour (like what we mentioned in no. 4). The problem is what if its summer and you don’t want to show your legs?

Thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton because she brought back tan tights in summer. Wearing nude tights (that exactly match your skin tone) can be your answer if you’re not that bold enough to show some skin. Just make sure it’s not shining so you won’t shimmer amid the heat of the sun.

Meanwhile, you can be fabulous too by pairing your summer dresses with coloured tights. It may sound crazy but colourful outfits are trendy during summer! Just avoid wearing black tights often because it can add heat to your body. J

6. Consider the Occasion

Your may look good with your tights but is your outfit appropriate to the occasion? Tights can be paired with any outfits just make sure you won’t steal the spotlight because you’re “too much” for the occasion.

For formal occasions, like weddings or formal dinners, wear something classic yet stylish with nude or plain black tights. These tights will never fail you in exuding your appeal and elegance. Meanwhile if you’re going to casual events, don’t be afraid to wear coloured patterned tights like pink, yellow and blue to make yourself stand out.

Tights are great addition to women’s wardrobe. Aside from making you feel comfortable, it also challenges your fashion sense. However, you don’t have to stick to a single colour of tights. You need to experiment with your outfit sometimes to discover that there are other tight colours that would fit you. It may be difficult at start to shift from your favourite black tights into another colour but hopefully our guidelines/suggestions above will help you. You can also check out our past blog posts to help you decide with your #OOTD.

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