The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Black Tights

Season by season, fashion choices change and trends come and go. But there is one thing that remains a wardrobe staple--black tights! They have the basic qualities of a go-to clothing piece. Apart from being comfortable and practical, black tights are remarkably versatile and stylish, making them even more so appealing and attractive.

A classic pair of black tights can be paired with nearly anything, and can serve as the perfect canvas to flaunt a standout footwear. This stylish, all-around accessory comes in sheer for the summers and in the thickest for fall and winter seasons, thus, black tights being a season-less wardrobe accessory for enhancing your look.

Opaque vs. Sheer

Opaque black tights can look fashionable and edgy, at the same time. When paired with different designs and textures, they can offer added style and sophistication. However, opaque should not be the only black hosiery you have in your closet. When worn with the right shoes and outfit, sheer black tights can be as sleek and as trendy as opaque tights.

Moreover, sheer tights can be incredible sexy, so it would be a perfect choice the next time you go out on date and want to make a big impression. On the other hand, avoid wearing sheer black tights in strict working environments like a law firm. Instead opt to wear nude sheer with your business suits.

For an elegant evening look, pick a sheer black pair with an intricate or subtle pattern, from simple designs like Glassworth to more detailed ones such as Petunia. Take note, though, that funky patterns should only be worn at day time, or at crazy evening parties at clubs or concerts, regardless whether the material is opaque or sheer.

Black Tights & Skirts

Despite the school girlish look, many women favors pairing black tights with short skirts. It’s a risk that some people are not ready to take because it’s either you’ll look lousy in the end, or appear incredibly gorgeous when pulled off successfully. The key is to muster some confidence. Be comfortable with the look to create one sassy outfit from a skirt of your liking, from leather and denim to pleated and checked.

Black Tights & Shorts

For years, matching black tights with shorts has been a common trend. And it still is.

Wear a pair of black tights and baggy shorts, with a nice set of heels, a smart jacket or blazer, and a plain colored top on a day at work to exude casual elegance. If you are going out for brunch or to run an errand, match your black tights with tweed shorts, and heels or boots. To create an eccentric look, combine your Houndstooth black tights with a white shirt tucked in cut off denim shorts and topped with a bohemian vest.

In any situation, you are guaranteed to stand out from the flock when trendy black tights are matched with the appropriate pair of shorts.

Black Tights & Dresses

If you are aiming for a flirty, vibrant appeal, then matching your black tights with a flowy summer dress is the way to go. The contrast between the dark colored tights and the bright or printed dress allows for the pieces to mellow to one another. If the weather is a bit cool, do not hesitate to throw on a chunky sweater for a comfortable look. Include a belt on the ensemble if you are wearing a cable-knit sweater. This allows the sweater to keep its shape while maintaining that loose, laid-back appeal.

Mini dresses are great options for evening parties. But most of the time, it gets too chilly for your bare legs. The solution? Black tights. It’s the perfect excuse to showcase your legs without baring some skin, all while keeping them warm. For a nice bohemian touch, go for a pair of black tights with embellishments.

Another clothing piece that goes well with black tights is a shift dress. Match a colorful, striped, monochrome, textured, or printed shift dress with opaque black tights. It will not only make you look tasteful, but incredibly classy as well.

Black Tights & Shoes

Whoever says black is boring is clearly mistaken. A plain all black outfit with black tights can easily be jazzed up with the right pair of shoes. Try on a pair of red pumps for an elegant look. Red always looks good with an all-black ensemble. If you are feeling flirty and playful, find a good pair in a neon color or animal print.

Peep-toes may also work with black tights, despite some people not liking the idea. Provided that the color of the footwear matches the color and length of the outfit, a pair of boots, pumps, wedges, flats, or, yes, even peep-toe shoes can make a strong fashion statement.

With a good pair of shoes, it won’t matter if you wear plain Pepper Corn Footless Black Tights or go for something a little whimsical like Gloxinia Black Tights. Just stick to the right colors and do not hesitate to mix things up to create and pull off a look that is uniquely you.

Black Tights & Over-sized Tops

Although tights are not a wardrobe basic, they are a stylish accessory that can be part of every girl’s outfit. Oftentimes, it even takes the place of pants. But unless it’s for working out, wearing short t-shirts and tops alone with opaque tights should be a major fashion no-no.

Most women fancy wearing tights over pants because it fits better and it’s more comfortable. If you want to wear tights as pants, be sure to pick an over-sized top or a shirt dress for a classy look.

Black tights, whether thick or sheer thin, have the ability to transform any outfit from flirty and funky to sophisticated and sleek. With the right pairing, they can take you from day activities to night events. So, whatever appeal you are going after, black tights are always a smart option.

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  • Black biker jacket, black skirt, black opaque tights from M&S worn with black suede wedge heel shoes:
    Now that is how you rock black opaque tights……

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