How to Use Tights to Complement Your Black Dress

When it comes to basic wardrobe, there is nothing more versatile, sexy, and classic than a black dress. It can take you from brunch and office meetings to nights out and intimate dates. Time and time again, a black dress can be transformed with the right accent pieces. With this wardrobe staple, your outfit possibilities are almost endless.

Today, we bring you simple ways to update your favorite little black dress with one stylish accessory: tights.

Know about the different types of tights and black dresses

Tights and black dresses are two of the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can own. However, specific types of dresses need to be complimented by specific types of tights, too. To be able to perfectly compliment your black dress with tights, first you need to learn the differences of each type.

There are various types of tights available. A woman can pick from sheer or opaque tights, suspender or footless tights, and colored or patterned tights. The material of each also varies depending on the type. Some tights are made from cotton, others are made from lycra blends, or nylon. Meanwhile a black dress can be long, knee-length, silk, cotton, lace, shift, a-line, slip, tea-length, baby doll, maxi, and more. And each kind has its one-of-a-kind features and benefits.

Opaque and Sheer - Both types are available in various styles and designs. The main difference of the two is that opaque is thicker than sheer tights. Sheer, being the most common type, has a denier of 10 or lower, while any tights that has a denier of 20 is considered opaque. Denier refers to the sheerness of tights; the lower the denier, the more sheer they are.

Opaque tights would look lovely when paired with a black suit dress for work days, while sheer would look nice when worn with a short black silk dress for hot dates. Attending an evening party? Match an above-the-knee black baby doll shift dress with sheer nude tights for an elegant look. Nude tights would also look great with a black tea-length dress for formal gatherings.

Shiny - Tights with shiny finish tend to have a wet look. Try wearing a pair with shorts and high heels. For a sultry appeal, pair your shiny tights with a black mini dress.

Footless - The look of this type of tights is similar to that of leggings, only the material is thinner. This would be great in casual and athletic wear. If you are simply going out for an errand, throw on a black cotton dress with your footless tights for a laid-back, carefree look.

Suspender - Both feminine and classy, suspender tights are comfy and can make any legs look flawlessly amazing. Combine suspender tights with an a-line cut dress, and a pair of pumps for formal evenings.

Patterned - hosiery with a pattern adds visual interest to a seemingly ordinary black dress. Play off the pattern of a black graphic dress by matching it with a pair of dotted tights such as this one.

Fishnet - Fishnet tights are reminiscent of the 50’s. They would be an ideal accessory for themed events, concerts, and nights out. If you are feeling playful, wear fishnet tights with a black cocktail dress, and a pair of chucks for a casual night out with friends or on a music concert.

Colored - colored tights can be worn for just about any occasion and season from casual to formal, from warm days to cold. Tights like these tend to be more bold and daring than other types. Colored tights would turn a boring black dress alive. Bright colored tights can be paired up with a black wrap dress for casual, formal, or work wear, depending on the design of the dress.

Consider the occasion you are wearing it to

Naturally, the type of tights you will use with your black dress depends on where you are going and what kind of occasion you will be attending to. You can’t use fishnet tights in a professional environment because that would be too inappropriate. Similarly, you would not want to wear opaque tights, black shift dress, and pumps on a rock concert as it would have been too formal for the event.

To compliment your black dress with the perfect tights, it is important to consider the occasion. As mentioned, black dresses are versatile. They are easy to dress up or down, and can easily go from casual to formal when complimented with the right pair of shoes, tights, and other accessories.

For last minute date nights, put on a sexy, black slip dress, a nude pair of tights, and a nice set of heels. If you want to look a bit casual, finish the outfit off with an over-sized sweater. If you are going for a sultry vibe, all you need is a pair of strappy sandals to go with your ensemble.

In a classic black sheathe dress, it’s hard to go wrong. With the right pair of tights, change of shoes and addition of jewelry, the dress can transition flawlessly from day to night. A black sheath dress and plain sheer tights are perfect for the office and more formal days. Pair them with blazer and classic pumps for work, and a statement jewelry and sandals for cocktail affairs.

If you are going to a brunch or the movies, pair a black flared dress with patterned tights and ballet flats for a more casual look. For a casual evening, match it with plain colored tights and satin pumps. Meanwhile, for formal evening parties, a festive black party dress would look perfect when paired with some footless tights and black Mary Jane heels.

It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a black dress. As long as you compliment it with the right accessories, the right set of shoes, and the right pair of tights, you will never feel overdressed or underdressed with a classic black dress.

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  • To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a eye. It makes me look sexy and it’s comfortable.

    • James wendy
  • To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a eye. It makes me look sexy and it’s comfortable.

    • James wendy