5 Chic-inspired Ideas in Using Nude Tights (Infographic)

Sheer nude tights are an underestimated accessory piece. It has garnered a bad reputation because a lot of women associate them with grannies. But since the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing flesh-toned hosiery, many have considered nude tights as the height of fashion. The once dowdy look has found favour with top editorial columns, thanks to Kate MIddleton for making it look modern and avant-garde.

While some might not agree to it, nude tights are currently one of the hottest trends in fashion. It seems the Duchess and her sister, Pippa, who are both fond of nude tights, have sent sales soaring. Call it the Middleton effect!

Before the hype came along, none would even consider using tights other than opaque black ones. Now that Kate, along with her sister and mother, is seen wearing sheer nudes, the demand for skin tone hosiery has risen.

However, for every outfit that is paired with nude tights, most can’t help but doubt and question if they had paired it with the correct outfit. There is a moment of contemplation all women have whether they are wearing the sheer skin tone tights properly or not. When donning on nude tights, here’s what you should keep in mind.

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