6 Ways to Put on Tights Inspired by Top Celebrities (Infographic)

Celebrities are no strangers to wearing tights. Regardless of the weather, and whether they are heading for a shoot or making a round in the neighborhood, many stars favour tights as a go-to fashion accessory.

From Taylor Swift’s street chic outfit and Taylor Momsen’s grunge, nonchalant look to Kate Middleton’s classic ensemble and SJP’ elegant evening wear, there are but tons of styling cues to take and experiment with. It was a very tight race, but we managed to round up some lovely style inspirations from top celebrities who have turned tights into a desirable, all-year rounder fashion accessory versus something that is only worn out of sheer necessity.

Read on, see their stylish ensembles, borrow the fashionable looks, and make them your own!


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