Expert Sizing Tips for Shopping Women’s Clothing Online

As a transgender woman, buying clothes online can be a real challenge. It can be especially difficult to know what will fight your changing body correctly and what will look good on you. Before you hit the purchase button, be sure to keep in mind these three tips for shopping online.

Know What to Measure

Before you begin the process of shopping for women's clothing online, you will want to know your exact measurements. This will help you to understand how to interpret the online sizing charts that are specific to each vendor. Using a tape measure, you will want to take accurate measurements of your waist, bust, hips, and inseam. Depending on where you are buying from, you need to have the measurements in both centimeters and inches. If you do not feel as if you can get an accurate measurement on your own, a local seamstress or tailor can help you to get the most precise numbers. 

Read Reviews 

One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is the wealth of reviews that are available for you to peruse when deciding. Customer reviews will give you a real perspective on the items that you are considering. Many customers will even give out their own personal measurements in the review so that you can compare them to your own to help to discern how the item will fit you personally. These unique perspectives will also help you to glean information about the feel of the material, comfort, and other intangibles that the vendor may not offer.

Get a Feel for Your Fit In-Store 

Not everyone feels comfortable in every style, so try on different types of women's clothing in stores to see what you like before attempting to shop online. Experiment with different sizes to see if a smaller or larger fit offers more support or coverage. Make it fun by bringing a trusted friend along for the trip. Knowing what kind of styles flatter your transgender figure will help you to find the online clothing that will make you feel the best. Be sure to try on a variety of styles so that you can increase your chances of online shopping success. 

In the end, it is important that the clothing that you choose makes you feel your best. You will shine in your new wardrobe selections if you have the self-confidence to wear it well. 

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