Five Fashion-Forward Alternatives to Carrying a Purse

We all need to carry our necessities wherever we go. Whether it’s a wallet, keys, tissues, or other essentials, having a few things handy is a must. Most women carry a purse or handbag which can be a chore when attending a live show or looking for a safe place to store belongings while out. Some of us just have having to lug another bag around. Luckily, there are a few strategies to protect our valuables without the struggle of purse strings. Read on to find our top five list of alternatives to carrying a purse. Carry on and stay safe!


1. A Chic Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are more than just military gear for the trenches. These versatile bags can be slung around your shoulder and carry everything from lip gloss to textbooks with ease. Look to fashionable and printed designs of messenger bags to showcase your personality. Similar to purses, but with a bit more room, you’ll find these are a great alternative bag.


2. Wallets Are Functional

If you own a good pair of pants or a jacket with big pockets, look to a small men's wallet to hold your important cards. Wallets can also be stored in your coat pocket, so you can always reach your ID and credit card when you head out to town. Forget straps and heavy bags. Make use of your pockets and get the best functionality out of them.


3. Fanny Packs and Bum Bags...Don't Laugh, Just Pack! 

We all associate fanny packs with tourists. Luckily, a fresh line of bum bags secure over your legs or waist to hold anything from a cellphone to a key ring. These stylish pieces look great over patterned tights that don’t offer as many pockets. These are amazing when your arms need to be free or when you’ll be moving around a lot.


4. Cell Phone Accessories!

Everyone loves to bedeck their cell phones with bling. Thankfully, tech geniuses have come up with adhesive pockets to attach to your phone and carry your important cards. Cell phone wallets are also available, so you can use your mobile device and keep an eye on your valuables. 


5. Feel Hands-Free with an Athletic Belt

Don't let the look of an elasticized belt with a wallet fool you! These concealed bags can be worn under your shirt and hold money and cards. The elasticized aspects are adjustable and comfortable for the ultimate coziness. 


There are so many options rather than carrying a clunky purse around. Choose your special style and keep your valuables intact with the bag that fits your personality. You'll feel secure and safe with an alternative to your hefty purse.

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