Four Tips to Transform Old Outfits Into Trendy Attire

Finding clothes that fit right can take time and effort. If one washing means that your newest garment no longer fits, you may want to start upcycling from your own closet or shopping second hand. Luckily, many older styles can be made new again.

Research Retro Styles

Many new styles are simply old styles that have come again. For example, the fit-and-flare skirt trend provides you with the chance to enjoy fabrics that have more heft than the flowing knits used in maxi dresses. Of course, maxi dresses are a twist on long dresses of years gone by. Look for fabrics that have a good "hand" or body. If a fabric crumples when you scrunch it but can be brushed smooth again, it will likely survive the washing machine.

Shorten Where Possible

If a dress is too long but you love the top, you can trim away the bottom fabric and hem it by hand. If a dress has a great skirt but the top doesn't fit right, cut away the top just a couple of inches above the waist and sew in elastic. You can even fold over the cut fabric and add a hook and eye closure. A sewing machine can help, but many outfits can be made like-new with a little hand sewing.

Learn How to Repair Tears

Keep an eye on hems and seams that are showing wear. Repairs are much easier if you catch them early. Also, keep an eye on your shoes. If you drive in your dress shoes, the heels may start to show scuffs. Good footwear is crucial to healthy posture. It's important to maintain footwear since damaged shoes affect your ankles in negative ways. Over time, overly worn shoes will impact your stride and may cause problems for your knees, hips and back.

Shop Large

Look up a size for garments that you can turn into new pieces. An oversized shirt or blouse with the sleeves rolled up becomes a swimsuit topper or a lightweight jacket. A big scarf, knotted or pinned over your shoulder, can serve as a hands-free shawl over a sundress. Tight clothes can look good on occasion, but oversized garments offer a lot of flexibility, so if you're doing some thrift shopping, check out the next size up from your usual size.

Older clothes made of a durable fabric can last for years when properly cared for. In your closet and while shopping, keep an eye out for garments that hold their shape. Wash these items carefully or dry clean as necessary to protect the fabric for the long term.

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