Must-Have Accessories For Winter 2017

With temperatures dropping lower by the day and winter just around the corner, it’s time to take your winter clothes out of storage — and maybe hit the mall for a small wardrobe update. Fashion for Winter 2017 looks exciting, from cozy knits to sexy belted coats to look forward to. Here are the accessories to pay attention to and ensure your look is on-trend.

Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin gloves are a particularly cozy accessory making their way into the mainstream in 2017. They come in any color you can think of, but the most popular are black and brown, making them compatible with just about any outfit. They're soft and incredibly warm inside, especially if the inside is lined with fleece.

Stiletto Boots

Speaking of boots, if you want to take your winter attire from day to night, slap on a pair of stiletto boots. A great idea would be to pair these with black tights and ruffly 70's dress (another on-trend item this winter 2017). Be careful with this fashion statement if it’s icy out!


Tights still hold place as a fall/winter wardrobe staple, but don’t think even for one second that these are your mother’s tights. With fun patterns from floral to filigree, you can up the ante on your outfit in a flash. Plus, no one can tell if you skipped the razor that morning. Hello, No Shave November!

Fur Scarves

You read that right: fur scarves. They've made their way to the runway this year in vibrant, exciting colors like fuchsia, orange, and bright blue — although natural fur is trendy too. The patterns and fluffy texture help to break up an otherwise plain outfit, which can be hard to avoid when it comes to average winter fashion.

Statement Necklaces

Chunky statement necklaces are also making a return, highly inspired by 70's fashion in both appearance and color palette. The pieces are usually made of large stones in geometric shapes stacked or chained around the neck. Colors like bright blue (which is especially popular this year), emerald green, and even deep onyx black are immensely popular. Statement earrings are also taking on the same themes, even in shapes like crescent moons, keys, and the one-earring trend is also seen quite often on the runway.

Hair Accessories

The catwalk seems to be as full of hair accessories as there are hair accessories on models' heads. Minimalist pins in bright colors are stacked and tucking hair away from the face, as well as pins with flowers or geometric shapes. Ribboned headbands are also making their comeback, as well as grand floral headband pieces with incredible detail and stones in their centers, and 70's style thick headbands covering the the hairline and most of the head have found their way back into the mainstream as well. Bright jewel toned colors are a running theme as well as the darkest blacks are popular once again.


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