Timeless Tips for Beautiful Bridesmaids

Your wedding day is called “the big day” for a good reason, and naturally you want to share it with your closest friends. Bridesmaids are an integral part of any traditional wedding, and their style contributes to the overall ambience of the day — as well as the memories that will be preserved in photos. Here are a few tips for making your bridesmaids feel beautiful and loved while still carrying out your wedding vision:

Ditch Bare Skin

Classic tights and leggings are a great alternative to bare skin in the colder months. We have many flesh-colored options on the market if you're looking for something more natural, but you can also mesh the coloring with the suits of the groomsmen. This coordination creates an overall flow of the color scheme and will look fantastic in pictures.

Matching Bouquets

Your bridesmaids will play the limelight for many of your photos. You'll want to equip them with a memorable bouquet that matches the overall look of your wedding theme. The bouquet is not only crucial for the look of the wedding, but it also serves as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Make sure your bouquets are proportionate and generate excitement.

Matching Jewelry

Jewelry can play a huge role in carrying out your wedding theme and can also enhance the look of your bridesmaids. Consider purchasing an accent piece of jewelry for each bridesmaid. A set of earrings or a glitzy bracelet is an excellent option because it provides an added element of surprise without stealing attention away from the bride. Your bridesmaids will also appreciate the thoughtfulness and will be reminded of you every time they wear the piece.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is all the rage for today's modern bride. The artistic airbrushing process can genuinely enhance the features of your bridesmaids, but it can also impact pictures in a positive way. The ingredients found in most airbrush makeup pallets are durable allowing your bridesmaids to dance, sweat and enjoy the evening with little concern. The make-up also has a flash reducing effect ensuring your pictures turn out fabulous.

These items are just a few of the many popular bridesmaids trends on the market. Of course, you'll want to choose a style that best suits you and your wedding vision. Regardless, your bridesmaids will love participating in your social day.

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