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Tights, Stockings and Leggings - Their Main Difference (Infographic)

Women love fashion, there’s no doubt about it, but not all are really keen in using the correct lingo and often find themselves interchanging one term for another. One might argue that there’s really nothing wrong with that or that it’s really not such a big deal – until they end up with a total wardrobe malfunction for buying the wrong thing.

Here’s a complete and comprehensive rundown of critical differences in tights, stockings and leggings that has warmed, adorned and beautified a myriad women’s legs for literally centuries now – and will continue to do so for years to...

6 Fun Ways to Choose the Perfect Tights

No other wardrobe accessory can dress your leg up and enhance its natural shapely glory in a very stylish way than the perfect tights. They are chic and elegant, practical and yet very versatile to wear for almost any occasion, hugging and keeping your legs warmed up in a fashionable way that enhances your shape and figure.

Yet, many ladies include tights in their wardrobe only as an afterthought, without ever really thinking if the choices they made would actually look best on them or are actually complementing their overall attire. The following...

How to Use Tights to Have a Perfect Hen Night's Outfit

Hen Night is the perfect occasion to dress up all elegant and stylish in a very eye-catching, glitzy and even daring manner. Now, preparing for this grandest party night of the year might not be as easy as one might think. There are tons of available fashion options available out there and choosing the best one for the best night of the year can be a bit overwhelming.

Who can blame you from being in this dilemma of fulfilling your duty of looking like the most gorgeous cutie for this most glamorous celebration of the year?...