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How to Pick the Best Tights for your Body Shape

Not all bodies are created the same. That’s a truth that many ladies seem to forget when they choose a wardrobe that fail to flatter the specific body shape they have. The secret to wearing the perfect clothes for your body shape is to know your exact proportions and know how to use specific clothing that will enhance the best features your body has.

Among these types of clothing that enhances body shape are tights. When worn properly, tights can enhance your body and make it appear like the size and shape you’ve always wanted. On...

The Brief History of Tights (Infographic)

Women primarily wear tights nowadays to be comfortable and to look more fashionable. They may be the major beneficiary of this garment but believe it or not, a lot of men did significant role in transforming tights as we know it today.

Tights’ history can be traced many centuries ago. Men who were tagged as powerful and famous leaders used stretchable tights made of silk as a sign of nobility; while tights made of coarser fabric were used by those in lower class of society. These were made in colours of black and white only.

Famous statesmen in...

6 Fashion Trends to Watch Out for in 2015 (Infographic)

Now that the New Year has officially been ushered in, fashion enthusiasts from all over are all a-buzz about the next biggest and most awaited trends to hit the fashion circuit this 2015. Of course, everyone would want to know what to wear for the coming seasons.

Basically, fashion is a cyclical thing. Fads come and go, some archived to oblivion while others constantly resurfacing themselves to both fashion gurus and enthusiasts delight. But here’s a definite thing – all would want to get a glimpse of what’s in and what’s not. So, let’s not keep all the excited ones...

10 Tights Do’s and Don’ts for your #OOTD

Wearing tights is totally a must-have for us women for our day-to-day adventure. It adds to our collection of “fashion flavours” and makes us distinct from the ocean of gorgeous ladies out there. A pair of tights covers the feet, legs, hips, and buttocks. It enhances woman’s figure visually. Usually, the legs become slimmer when wearing tights and certain colours can also enhance this effect.   By wearing tights as part of your #OOTD (out-fit-of-the-day), you can choose to look sexy, bold, classic or even refined.

Gone are the days when famous statesmen and leaders used to...

Tights, Stockings and Leggings - Their Main Difference (Infographic)

Women love fashion, there’s no doubt about it, but not all are really keen in using the correct lingo and often find themselves interchanging one term for another. One might argue that there’s really nothing wrong with that or that it’s really not such a big deal – until they end up with a total wardrobe malfunction for buying the wrong thing.

Here’s a complete and comprehensive rundown of critical differences in tights, stockings and leggings that has warmed, adorned and beautified a myriad women’s legs for literally centuries now – and will continue to do so for years to...