5 Sexy Date Night Accessories You Have to Have

Hey bombshell! It’s date night and you want to make a big bang. You’ve nailed everything, from the hairdo, makeup, and perfume down to the polish on your pinky toes. It’s time to adorn yourself in accessories, small must-have embellishments that make a big statement. Turn accessories into obsessories with these 5 sexy date night essentials:


Timeless classic or guilty pleasure? Enduring and alluring, the high-heeled pump is both. From diminutive heels to spikes, pumps are foolproof date night accessories.

Sex on two legs, they offer limitless palettes, hues and textures. Choose luscious red or wicked black, sumptuous suede or glossy patent leather, dazzling sequins or exquisite beads. Pumps steam up your faded jeans or your beguiling little black dress.

Pumps make you look taller, lengthen your legs, accentuate your calves and boost your behind. These sexy shoes are a must-have that add pump and circumstance to date night excitement.


In a tight spot when choosing date night accessories? Black tights are your on-trend answer. They’re classy, sexy and can be dressed up or dressed down without losing vavoom. They flirtatiously pair with classic tailored skirts and primal leather ones. Add some edge to date nights with must-have tights adorned with spiderwebs, latticework, polka dots, plaids, animal prints, mock tattoos even herringbone. Tights are the perfect lure to get your date hooked.


Elongated, sensual pendant necklaces that liquidly course between the breasts or graze the belly button are a sizzling date night accessory. Tassels, precious stones, crystals or beads are suspended like dewdrops from fine-spun chains of silver or gold. It will sensually swing when you stomp to the pulse of a rock band or caress your wine glass. Be aware of how it’s moving, so it doesn’t get in the way. Unless, of course, you’re doing something where you want it to.


Sunglasses are not just for rock stars anymore! Whether you go for chic designer shades or a pair from your corner drugstore, they’re provocative, trendy accessories that will give you celebrity status on date night. Try colorful lenses and bold geometric frames for maximum impact. Lightly tinted in rainbow shades or classic, pale gray, they’ll intrigue your date with the mystery of your subtly veiled eyes. Just be sure that they’re not so opaque that you end up holding a stranger’s hand instead of your date’s.


Ignite your date’s fantasies with mystical, mythical jewelry. Sinister statement pieces will become conversation pieces when you wear darkly dangerous vampire-style crucifixes, fairy earcuffs, dragon necklaces or gothic rings. If your style is more mortal than immortal you can don an understated piece or two. These items are quite easy to find online or in specialty catalogs. Like our fanged friends, this jewelry has quite a bite.

Love is in the air—it’s date night! Whether you’re in an established relationship or a first-time pairing, bond-boosting accessories will give your outfit and your evening oomph. These 5 must-have date night accessories are all you need to ignite a spark or keep it burning bright.


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