Spring Dresses are Here: Five Adorable Ways to Wear Them

It’s finally time to break out your spring dresses! With gorgeous, floral prints and floaty fabrics, it’s no surprise that these beauties are classic favorites that never go out of style. It seems there are more styles and ways to wear them than ever before. As you go through your wardrobe turnover, here are five ways you can style your spring dress.


1. Winter-Proof Your Spring Style

If it’s still winter weather where you live, you can still wear your spring dress now with the right accessories. First, add tights. This will keep your legs warm and won’t leave your dress looking out of place in the tundra. There are tons of amazing fashion options now with unique patterns and fun colors. Pair it with some ankle- or knee-high boots. This will keep you toasty and give your spring dress a rugged look. Top it off with a warm sweater. You can even wear a duster cardigan and belt the cardigan and dress to accent your waist.


2. Just Add Denim

A floral dress with a great denim jacket or top is a classic combo. A distressed denim jacket over your spring dress will give it structure at the top, define the waist, and compliment the soft features of the spring dress. You can also wear a denim chambray shirt over your spring dress. Style it open like a cardigan, or tie it at the waist for a cute preppy look.


3. Belt Your Dress

Belts can totally transform the look of a spring dress. Belting a dress at the waist can give a flowing dress more shape and make you look curvier. You can also change the style of your dress just by the type of belt you use. A thin, simple belt in a neutral or complementary shade keeps it polished and fresh. A thicker distressed leather belt gives it more of a prairie/bohemian vibe. A belt with details or accessories can add some extra style.


4. Pair it With Boots

Different types of boots can make your spring dress boho-chic, preppy, or edgy. A neutral ankle boot will keep the look polished and simple. A suede fabric has a light texture and matte color that’s perfect for a delicate spring floral print. Moto boots or black boots give a sexy punk edge to feminine spring dresses. Try an over-the-knee heeled boot with a short spring dress for a glam boho look. If you prefer a bit more polish, a knee-high equestrian style boot in a cognac brown color can look gorgeous.


5. Pair with a Trendy Jacket or Vest

A bomber style jacket or an on-trend faux fur vest are both great options when it comes to styling a spring dress. A bomber jacket contrasts the soft lines and prints of a spring dress, and the lines and cut can make your waist look smaller. A faux fur vest is an interesting texture to pair with soft florals. It’s super-trendy and fun to wear.


Try out these styles to mix up your spring dresses. These styles and pairings will give you enough versatility that the spring frocks will wear from winter to summer. You might be pleasantly surprised to find some unexpected style inspiration in your humble spring dress!

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